Difference between Castile Soaps and Horticultural soaps

Both are manufactured using Potassium Hydroxide and Oils

Horticultural soaps we manufacture are made from Pure Neem Oil and Potassium Hydroxide

Castile soaps we Manufacture from Olive oil, Neem oil, Coconut oil and Potasium Hydroxide also called Lye

Castile Soap Uses and Recipes

We are registred soap makers with the AICIS Lic Nr NIC1005721

WE have been making liquid castile soap for the last 15 yrs and have found the nicest formula’s for the best quality soaps. We originally started our business selling neem oil as neem oil has healing properties and is so good for your skin, so are Olive and Coconut oil, we found the formula with neem oil to be absolutely wonderful.

Our soaps contain nothing else then Neem, Coconut and Olive oil, with Lye and water, nothing else, but fragrances and essential oils in our fragranced castile soaps. The fragrances we use are all Australian made by Australian standards suitable for soap making and use on skin. We sell a different variety of liquid soap and soap bases, so customers can get a cheap way to buy our castile soap with less postage and are able to add their own water, essential or fragrance oils. This is great for the do it your selver, as you can add as much or as little water to dilute as you like,, with many different options However just be cautious as the thicker the soap is, the higher the PH, a blender to dissolve the gel adding 3 to 4 times more water to create a beautiful hand washing soap, suitable for foam pumps of lotion pumps.

Thick gel; A good base product for when you don’t have the time or would like to save money and add your own dilution rate of water add your own fragrance or essential oils. This Gel is very concentrated and Not suitable for use directly onto skin, 100 gm of gel makes 300 to 500 gm of liquid castile soap. We recommend to add 1% to 2% of fragrance or essential oil to the gel, Eucalyptus oil blends well with this soap gel and works great when using this for cleaning purposes

Thick Base consistency; is more fluid but wont run off your hands when washing, you can still dilute this by adding more water and still have a nice foamy soap. Can be used with a lotion pump. We recommend to add 1% (or 20 drops to 100 ml) of fragrance ot essential oils, no more, as the more oil you add, the less foam you get.

Regular Consistency; is like any other castile soap, only better and softer, this consistency can be used in foam pumps, lotion pumps on babies and the elderly, best for people with sensitive skin or allergies. We recommend to add 20 drops of essential or frangence oil to 200 ml of this soap.. Using Lavander fragrance oil thickens the soap slighty.

Added to much water? Not a problem, You can easily evaporate the excess water by cooking the soap on the stove to the consistency you prefer.. Buying the Pure Natural unscented castile soap in this thick consistency has a stronger smell then the diluted soap. However once diluted and fragrances or essential oils added the soap the smell should be gone.

When adding essential oils, keep in mind of how much you add, for thin well diluted soap no more then 0.5% of oils should be added, for thick consistency soap 1% of oils can be added, if you prefer to add more then try just a little bit of soap before adding to the whole soap batch..

Not all essential or fragrance oils blend well with castile soap, Our essential and fragrance oils have been tested and work well with our soap, best oil recommended, the sandalwood oil.

Added to much essential oils or fragrances?, This could be a cause for not soaping up the way it should, Not a problem. As above cook the soap to evaporate the water to a thicker consistency, a thicker consistency absorbs the oils better then thin soap.. When adding essential oils, keep in mind of how much you add, for thin well diluted soap no more then 0.5% of oils should be added, for thick consistency soap 1% of oils can be added, if you prefer to add more then try just a little bit of soap before adding to the whole soap batch..

Made from Pure olive oil, Pure Neem oil, Pure Coconut oil, Purified water and Lye

What is Castile Soap used for?

Castile Soap has many uses.

Castile Spray and Wipe: Use a 500 ml spray bottle add 1/2 cup of castile soap, add 3 mls of essential oils

Castile Dish washing: Use it for dishes & scrubbing pots and pans in your sink. Just add a teaspoon on your sponge or brush and wash the dishes with it, you will see how clean and shiny your dishes and pots are when using castile soap.

You could add a few drops of eucalypt or lemon oil to the castile soap to get that nice fragrance. Get rid of those un-natural soaps and go all natural. Not only does Castile Soap do a good job of cleaning, you can have peace of mind knowing that your using natural cleaning products and saving money.

Hand washing: Castile Soap in a foam soap dispenser near your sink and hand basin for hand washing, wiping bench tops or basins and anything in the kitchen or bathroom that needs cleaning. Easy to apply a bit of soap onto a cleaning cloth to wipe benches etc.

For dusting, use your spray bottle to dampen a dusting cloth. then simply wipe down surfaces that need wiping.

Castile Laundry Soap: Use about 1 or 2 cups of Castile Soap to your washing machine. Or use our ready made castile Laundry concentrate with added eucalyptus fragrance

Castile Shampoo: Castile Soap foams well, with the added fragrances or essential oils the smells make for a vivid shower experience. Try our Peppermint Castile Soap for a morning wake up shower, our Lavender Castile Soap for a night time relaxing shower or our Sandalwood Castile Soap for an anytime shower. However, the castile soap does have a high PH and therefore its best to use a conditioner after washing hair, especially for long hair to get the tangles out, we use our skin care conditioner and add 40% vinegar to bring the PH level back, it works really well, hair feels soft and clean afterwards

Body Wash Spray Castile Soap on a loofah or body wash sponge and enjoy a shower that engages the senses.

Castile Soap Shaving Cream: Apply Castile Soap (we prefer Peppermint or sandalwood) on a shaving brush and apply to the areas that you are shaving. Avoid contact with eyes.

Floor cleaning: Add half or a whole cup of castile soap to 1/2 bucket of water, the tea tree or Eucalyptus oil are very suitable. Wash/mop the floor and rinse with clean water…

Fruit and vegies rinse: Add 1/4 cup of to a bowl of warm water, wash fruit and vegies and rinse.

Pet Washing: Use a bottle like an empty sauce bottle, mix blend 50/50 of castile soap to warm water, add some tea tree or lavender oil to the mix, shake the bottle well and apply over wet hair, massage it in and rinse with warm water.